DWEX Portal

With DWEX Portal your users share, publish and access DWEX content. DWEX Portal is completely integrated into Microsoft SharePoint, so your BI content is available right next to your Microsoft Office documents, project plans, sales forecasts, etc.

Publishing a report to DWEX Portal is as easy as placing a document on SharePoint. In fact, it is exactly the same. Your users will not need to familiarize themselves with another collaboration tool just for sharing and accessing BI content.

Not only your users find themselves in a familiar environment, your IT department can also rely on their SharePoint knowledge for management and administration of your BI environment.

DWEX Portal supports SharePoint 2007 and 2010, both the free and paid versions. Organizations that do not deploy SharePoint can setup DWEX Portal using SharePoint in the background. This way, no full fletched SharePoint rollout is required, while you can still utilize all of SharePoint’s capabilities.